Area of activity

Employment Law and Global Mobility

The Firm provides assistance in the area of employment law, industrial relations and social security, in both extrajudicial and judicial phases, on an ongoing basis.

More specifically, the Firm’s professionals provide their expertise in: a) hiring, modification and termination of employer/employee and para-employee relationships (e.g., commercial agency); b) personnel management in restructuring and reorganization processes (collective dismissals, social shock absorbers, CIGO, CIGS, solidarity contracts, etc…); c) management of labor law aspects of M&A transactions; industrial relations, union and institutional relations; assistance to top management; employment litigation.

The Firm assists companies and its workers in the management of all legal, tax, social security and immigration aspects arising from the international mobility of workers (so-called expatriates).

In this area, the firm supports its clients in the required assessments that must be carried out when a worker moves across national borders, including: identifying the correct immigration procedure, obtaining the necessary permits for the employee to enter and work in the country of destination (including the “EU Blue Card”), analyzing the applicable tax and social security regulations and in particular the costs due to double taxation, if applicable, and, in some cases, double contributions, all the administrative activities to be carried out before and during the time abroad (including the management of mandates for social security representation, conventional payroll management, etc.).


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